What is Tantra?

Tantra is a spiritual science to living your life in complete fulfillment and surrender.
Tantra views all of nature as energy, vibrating at different rates and manifesting itself in a myriad of ways e.g., matter, space, time, forces, people, animals, objects, etc. Harmony and peace are the result of energies being in balance. Life flows without restriction.  
Often, due to various reasons, the energies that make up the human body become unbalanced. This results in ill health, sleeplessness, sluggishness, pain, distraction, and many other unwanted conditions including dissatisfaction with intimacy. 
Tantra has been most misunderstood in today’s society.  It is known to have existed for thousands of years.  Often associated with just sex, most do not know how Tantra can help to change how you live your life.  
There are many ways to Tantra, one of them is to become aware of your inner energy. An energy that resides in the root of every human being that affects what we create for ourselves and how we operate in society. 

What is Tantra?What is Tantra?What is Tantra?